Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a VERY long while...stay tuned for lots of updates! Meanwhile, here are a couple funnies to hold you over...

Last night we had my mom, dad, my sister and her boyfriend over for dinner. It was delicious! My husband is a great cook. I can't deny that...I got lucky. After dinner we commenced a very competitive game of Yahtzee. We LOVE Yahtzee. Yes, we are old. :)

Anyway, the hiccups decided to visit me. I could not get rid of them no matter how many times I held my breath. It was not very fun, but Jeff made it all the better when he asked, with a very straight face, "Do you need to be burped?"


This morning I got up and started doing the laundry, and Chloe decided she wanted to help. Here is Chloe trying to 'help' me fold the clothes...

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